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IVF & Acupuncture Support – Frequently Asked Questions

 Why Acupuncture SUPPORT is needed for IVF?    

Acupuncture treatment may enhance
the hormonal balance of the embryo
 implantation stage of IVF in the
treatment of infertility. Another study also showed that acupuncture may
promote the release of neurotransmitters, thereby mediating the development of

Acupuncture HELP with IVF? 

Acupuncture had a BENEFICIAL effect on IVF OUTCOMES.

A meta-analysis
study by Manheimer and co-workers on women undergoing IVF treatment showed the
association of acupuncture at the time of ET with significant improvement in
clinical PR,(pregnancy rate)  and live birth rate.

HOW much does Acupuncture help

The women who
added more acupuncture sessions were twice as likely to have a baby compared to
women who did IVF alone, and 60% more likely when compared with women who just
had two acupuncture treatments on the day of embryo transfer. Acupuncture
helped their IVF outcomes.

acupuncture help EMBRYO TRANSFER

treatment focuses on relaxing the nervous system and uses acupuncture points
that help circulate additional blood to the uterus. This adds in
preventing contractions nourishes the newly-implanted embryo and makes
successful implantation more likely. 

WHEN should I get Acupuncture
for IVF? 

Women are often
advised to start acupuncture 3 months before they start treatments such
as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI). However,
starting acupuncture along with your doctor’s recommended fertility therapy may
still be beneficial. 

Acupuncture increase AMH LEVELS in
women with PCOS? 

Research has shown that acupuncture is able to regulate AMH levels in
, improve their ovarian reserve and chances of getting pregnant. Women
with PCOS will naturally have higher than normal levels due to multiple
follicles being present. Acupuncture is able to normalize AMH levels in women with PCOS. 

How Can Acupuncture Help Your IVF Treatment?                                                                               

Acupuncture can help improve the
chances of a successful IVF treatment in two ways


Acupuncture has been shown to
improve circulation.

When incorporated into an IVF cycle,
it can increase blood flow specifically to the reproductive organs.

Proper blood flow to the ovaries can
promote the ovulation of healthy eggs. Improved blood flow to the uterus can
help prepare the uterine lining which is critical for the successful
implantation of fertilized eggs.

Moreover, by promoting healthy circulation,
acupuncture can help ensure the proper flow of nutrition, anti-oxidants, and
hormones throughout the reproductive cycle.


Acupuncture promotes OVERALL WELLNESS.

Which can also plays role in
successful IVF cycles. By addressing and correcting imbalances throughout the
body, acupuncture can improve digestive function and reduce inflammation.

And by promoting relaxation and
restoring balance, acupuncture helps to reduce stress and improve sleep,
enabling both your body and your mind to cope better with the physical and
emotional stress that comes along with infertility and IVF.

After a failed IVF/IUI cycle, Can Acupuncture helps to CONCEIVE NATURALLY?

Yes, we have
patients who conceive naturally after a failed cycle. After several acupuncture
sessions, often in conjunction with herbs, patients can conceive naturally,
depending on the cause of the fertility challenge. If you want to conceive
naturally, we recommend herbs to help assist sperm quality and function. For
successful conception, both healthy eggs and healthy sperm are necessary for
fertilization. For fertilization to occur the sperm needs to reach, penetrate,
and fertilize the egg. We recommend acupuncture & herbal medicine treatments
to improve sperm quality and increase the chances of pregnancy.

After I conceive, do I need Acupuncture

We highly
recommend that you continue treatment to “hold
and stabilize the fetus.”
There are many safe acupuncture points that
are used during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage and reduce the chances of
severe morning sickness. Especially in cases of conception after infertility,
we recommend you continue treatment one time per week until the 12th week of
pregnancy when the chance of miscarriage is greatly decreased.  

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