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In 2005,  Ex Justice O P Garg was suffering with serious spine problems. The degenerative effect due to growing age was obvious as he was sixty five then. He consulted score of eminent doctors including Ortho-Neurosurgeons and the entire were unanimous on the point that deep and intensive surgery was the only answer.  He was in the hospital when he learnt that the results of surgery was not 100% guaranteed. In the worst case, it could even lead to paralysis. This made him worried and he made up his mind not to opt for surgery. However, was this going to be the end of a physically fit life?
At that stage, some of his well wishers told him that acupuncture was the panacea for such an ailment and recommended Dr B S Taneja. He did acupuncture therapy  for four months with intermittent intervals and began feeling better as the pain due to his aliment reduced dramatically. This quick results made his right leg pain free  Earlier the pain was difficult to bear when he used to stand and also while he walked . He felt the Sciatica pain in both my legs, right from his lumber region down to his toes. He was simply amazed to see what acupuncture had done in his case and considers this to be a new lease of life.
In his case along with the improvement in his mobility, there was an improvement in his eyesight due to the effect of the treatment he was taking. He had poor eye sight since he was young and had been using high power reading glasses. In the due course of taking acupuncture regularly, he found that his sight was improving gradually at the age of seventy and there were no explanations by the optician for this development.
He wishes to share this to inculcate belief and faith in the holistic science of acupuncture and assure those who may be interested in this methodology to avoid surgery, if they can as the latter course has serious repercussions on the future well being and health. Surgery is an option when one has exhausted all the holistic methods. More often than not, everybody has to suffer the pain and sometimes it may be for a longer duration. To manage the pain is an art and acupuncture is one of the potent tools of management.
Now, he regularly plays Golf and is sure he would be able to live a completely normal life till the end.
He firmly believes that one needs to be active physically and mentally always to remain fully active and free of depression and tells all golfers “Do not abandon the game. He who plays golf regularly keeps sickness at bay”.
We may not all be golfers but we have many lessons to learn from him. Basically, whatever one’s interest is, one needs to live life with complete vigour till the very end. This will make us happy and this happiness shall reflect in all aspects of one’s life.

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Author: Jamuna Rangachari
Jamuna Rangachari is a writer and author based currently in New Delhi, India who is also responsible for the website of Life Positive. Her main interests include positive values, spirituality and holistic living. She has authored five books and blogs at www.jai-joy.com

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