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A.R.M.T is a stress relief Unique Method
developed by Dr.B.S.Taneja M.D.Acu Gold Medalist almost thirty years ago to
help his patients combat the stress in their daily life.

Our daily stress is the main cause of all disease. There are three types of

  • Physical: overwork,
    eye strain, repetitive motion etc.
  • Chemical: any
    substance entering the body via the digestive system:-as preservatives,
    adulterated foods, toxic drugs oral or inject able trace elements in water
    or pollutions by air which affects the lungs.
  • Emotional: fear,
    anger, sadness, obsession, depression etc.

 The human body is designed to handle
all types of overstress at a time, but in today’s society, we often have many overstress affecting us at the same time for long periods without respite. This
compromises our immune systems and knocks the balance of energy out of whack,
leading to disease.

A.R.M.T is an acupuncture technique
whereby several very thin needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points
to accomplish three things:

  1. Break up old
    in order to allow the system to return to normal.
  2. Re-balance the
    to stimulate proper functioning of the system.
  3. Calm the mind and
    in order to relax, refresh and reinvigorate ourselves.

This is a painless process which takes only half hour lying face up on a
table. People are not required to disrobe. Most people report the benefits
lasting from several days to several weeks. It is recommended that people have
this done twice or thrice a month as require for best long-term effects.

N.B:- Proper assessment: Before anything can be done to help you with your
health  issue, you need to be properly
assessed to find the best course of action. This means taking the time to
thoroughly examine you and asking you a series of questions to understand
exactly the type of treatment that you need.
 Before A.R.M.T every person will
have to be assessed with ACUSENS SCANNING to find out individual body energy
flow in the different organs.

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