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Lumbago – Osteoporosis of Spine

O.P Garg former Judge, High Court Allahabad, called me for backache treatment. He is suffering from Osteoporosis of spine. MRI report of Lumber sacral spine shows diffuse disc bulg of multiple discs suggests L3-L4.L4-L5 & L5-SI (worse at L4-L5 level) with significant compression of the casac & both existing nerve roots along with degenerative changes grade I /II at all levels.

He was previously not able to go even for a small walk to nearby garden because of pain and low strength in legs. After 40 days of treatment he is about 70% free from pain.

During treatment a Miraculous effect of Acupuncture happened i.e. patient’s eye sight improved because of common Acupuncture point on his back stimulated to give muscular relaxation which is used in case of Diminished Vision condition.

I have received Email from Justice O.P. Garg about his experience with Acupuncture therapy.

Tuesday, the 28th April,2009

Dear Dr. Taneja

It is heartening to put on record that I have been immensely benefited by Acupuncture, in the methodology and practice of which you are an expert. The way you treat the patient, understand his problems and the precision with which you apply the needles at the specific points using the measuring scale and activating the points by stimulator is highly commendable and appreciable.

I am suffering with serious spine problems. The degenerative effect due to growing age is obvious. I consulted score of eminent doctors including Ortho-Neurosurgeons and the entire are unanimous on the point that deep and intensive surgery is the only answer. Somehow, my conscience did not allow me to undergo surgery as I was assured by some of my well wishers that better than surgery, acupuncture is the panacea for such an ailment. You have applied acupuncture therapy on me for the last few months with intermittent intervals and I feel better as my aliment reduces . This quick results made my right leg pain free , though earlier the pain was difficult bear when I use to stand and also while walked . I felt the Sciatica pain in both my legs, right from my lumber region down to my toes. Now the pain is only on the right side. It is also diminishing very fast and I trust and believe that after a few more sittings the pain will disappear completely. I am simply amazed to see what Acupuncture has done in my case, it was simply a miracle.

Along with the major problem there was a improvement in my eyesight due to the effect of the treatment I was taking. I have a poor eye sight since i was young and i have been using high power reading glasses. In the due course of the said treatment i found that my sight was improving gradually at this age of seventy and there were no explanations by the optician for this development.

I am putting all these facts on record with a view to inculcate belief and faith in the holistic science of acupuncture and assure to those who may be interested in this methodology to avoid surgery , if they can as the latter course has serious repercussions on the future well being and health . Surgery is an option when one has exhausted all the holistic methods. More often than not, everybody has to suffer the pain and sometimes it may be for a longer duration. To manage the pain is an art and acupuncture is one of the potent tools of management.

Dr. Taneja , I have all praise for you and wish that with your dedication and scene of duty you would be successful in your mission to ameliorate the condition of all those who are in agony of acute and suffering .

With regards,

JusticeO.P.Garg, E-48,Sector 39,Noida,(U.P)

Former: Judge,High Court, Allahbad. Phone: 0120-2501100,

EmailID: justiceopgarg@rediffmail.com 098182-74126

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

” Now I Can Play Golf “

Dear Dr. Taneja,

This is in reference to my previous communication. You know I am under your accupuncture treatment for the last one year and have undertaken morethan 150 sittings with usual breaks.

I am delighted to disclose that inspite of the fact that very eminent and senior doctors of repute all over the country whom I have consulted have advised me in an unanimous tone that I have to undergo spine operation, there has been a stark and radical change in my condition on account of accupuncture treatment.

I had, on medical advice, stopped playing Golf which has been my ardent passion for the last more than a year but now you will be delighted to know that I have again resumed the game with full vigour. It has been due to your expertise and deep knowledge in the field of Accupuncture.

I congratulate you for the devotion, sincerity and concern in your mission to ensure the welfare of your patients. I have defied the suggestion of undergoing major and hazardous surgery which was said to be immediate only on account of my unflinching faith in Accupuncture therapy.

I wish you disseminate my example for the benefit of all who may be sitting on the fence – thinking whether to take up Accupunture treatment or not.

With all the best,

Justice O.P.Garg
Former Judge, High Court
Presently residing at E-48 Sector 39
Noida. Mb. 09818274126

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