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Knee joint Pain – Testimonial

Mrs. Suman Mishra came to my clinic in June 2007 . Her age was 54 years and suffering from pain in both the knee joints. Degenerative change in knee joints ( osteoarthritis ) for the last 12 years.

She was suffering from acute pain in both the Knee joints for the last one and half year. She was not able to walk because of Acute pain. After 20 sittings of Acupuncture Treatment she says “Now I can walk easily and is feeling 30 % improvement.” After 3 months treatment she was able to walk easily.

Now after one and a half years. I received this email of her well being .

Dear Shri Dr. Taneja

As you are very much aware of my wife Mrs. Suman Mishra’s case, how long & how badly she was suffering / fighting from Arthritis pain, one by one both the Knees effected from 1995, March 2007, she can not stand properly. After several treatment, from long time, We came to your clinic for Acupuncture treatment, I remember very well your words “Don’t worry She will be alright but its take time” & now she can walk without stick comfortable. Sir, we are highly appreciated to your good efforts.

Thanks to you & God.God Bless you.

With Best Regards.

(Nirmal Mishra)


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