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Mr. D.S.Chauhan , suffering form Trigeminal Neuralgia along with Hypertenion for the last 3 years till the time he stated treatment , Oct 1997 . Previously the patient was on pain killers and other medication but they had very less affect . After a few days of treatment the sever pain attacks were less and after 4 months of treatment the patient was completely cured and has no problem till date .
After about 5 years in 2002 patient was suffering from Lumbar Spondylosis because of degenerative changes in Lumber vertebra and got cured after acupuncture treatment and had no symptoms of Lumbar Spondylosis till date.
I have received the patient’s email :

Dear Sir Dr. BS Taneja,
As you are well aware that I was treated by you for TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA along with CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS in 1997 & for LUMBER SPONDYLOSIS in 2002. After getting the treatment for about 4 months (both times) from you, I was fully cured and after that I had never faced these problems till date.Your treatment along with your cool & composed personality, your humility& your guidence to look towards life in a positive way helped me to recover fast.
I wish you all success in your profession & all happiness in your life.
With Warm Regards

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