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Acupuncture, can work very well on Sinusitis.

Sometimes a person has chronic sinus problems because of structural problems. There may be nasal polyps (small growths) obstructing the nasal passages, or the nasal passages may be unusually small and even twisted like a corkscrew. There are some TCM and other treatments which can be effective in some cases of nasal polyps, or the person may require surgery. I don’t know of anything besides seeing an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist for surgery for unusually small and/or twisted nasal passages.

Testimonials -Sinusitis

I have been under treatment for about 9 months for chronic sinusitis condition; my symptoms were unbelievable–years of throwing up, intense headaches, stomach problems; each worse than the last.

I found a wonderful doctor in my area who has made my life a complete turn around; I still have small bouts with few problems but nothing compared to before.

I’d be happy to share my experiences with someone who also needs this care.

Mr Sandeep Arora,

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