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Depression and anxiety are two of
the most common mental health disorders in India today. Alarming rates of
depression affect approximately 20-25% of some time in their life. Underlying
low levels of anxiety within our society are rising as our stressful lives
create an obstacle to balance, within our lives and ourselves. 

While each anxiety condition has its
own unique features, there are some common symptoms including:

·  Physical: panic attacks, hot and cold flushes, racing heart, tightening of
the chest
, quick breathing, restlessness,
or feeling tense, wound up, and edgy.

·      Psychological: excessive fear, worry, catastrophizing or obsessive

·    Behavioral: avoidance of situations that make you feel anxious which can impact on study, work,
or social life.                                                                     

How Many treatments do I need to see results? 

The majority of patients in our clinic have reported they
have better
 and a stronger sense
of general well-being after just a few sessions. However, the
realities of treating anxiety are that different people require different
treatments, even when suffering from the same type of anxiety. That’s because
different people have different personalities, different needs, and of course,
different symptoms. That’s why to get a personalized treatment

·   If your stress or anxiety is
becoming unbearable, come to Psycho-Acupuncture
& Medicare Center. 

·  When you come to Psycho-Acupuncture
& Medicare Center 
we will use various therapeutic methods to
relieve your constant stress. Through acupuncture, we can help promote your
body’s natural balance and its ability to heal itself. We’ll help you restore
your body’s smooth energy flow and remove any blockages within. We understand
the importance of listening, and we strive to truly understand your
needs. Contact us today to
schedule an appointment or to learn
more about our other services. Psychotherapy or personal counseling
with a psychotherapist, is an intentional interpersonal relationship used by
trained psychotherapists to aid a client or patient in problems of living. It
aims to increase the individual’s sense of their own well-being.
Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques based on experiential
relationship building, dialogue, communication, and behavior change that are
designed to improve the mental health of a client or patient or to improve
group relationships (such as in a family). For people struggling with
anxiety, Acupuncture
can be a game-changer
Acupuncture can help relieve anxiety symptoms

o    Reducing stress hormones like cortisol

o    Increasing levels of serotonin, the happy hormone

o    Regulating the autonomic nervous system

o    Calming the mind and promoting relaxation

Under the able guidance of Dr.B.S.Taneja MD.Acu. Gold
.  Having
more than 35 years of experience as Acupuncturist. Maintaining high standards
of professional excellence. A team of professionals and experts in behavioral
science clinical psychologist who work with a multidisciplinary approach in
collaboration with other professionals-special educators, occupational
therapists, and speech therapists. We work with this multidisciplinary approach
with our clients to enable them to experience positive changes in their lives.

·      Proper assessment:
Before anything can be done to help you with your health issue, you need to be
properly assessed to find the best course of action. This means taking the time
to thoroughly examine you and asking you a series of questions to understand
exactly the type of treatment that you need.

·       Every person will have to be
assessed with ACUSENS
In pursuit of creating disease free society
one of the
best in the world Health Monitoring System, Recommended by Scientific
Research and Assessment Board of Medical Specialists and Professional
Techniques, to
find out individual body energy flow in the different organs. Preventing human
being to suffer with routine or life threatening diseases. 100% Safe- Non Invasive-Fast &

·       Usual Antidepressants Don’t Help New Types of Depression

·    Stanford scientists say antidepressants are less likely to
work for people with a type of depression characterized by cognitive problems.

 To know more or you want to discuss your case call and fix an appointment with 

DrB.S. Taneja MD, Acu. is an Acupuncturist since 1985 in Sector-12, Noida.

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